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  • From £39 per person
  • Comfortable, warm rooms
  • By the sea
  • Experience a working croft
  • WiFi
  • Hospitality trays
  • Good quality towels, bedding
  • Full Scottish breakfast
  • We cater for special diets
  • Pet friendly

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There is an abundance of wildlife along the shores and moorland of the Isle of Lewis. There are often seals to be found at Stornoway harbour especially when the fishing boats have just come in and they wait for their share of the haul.

Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles and Buzzards glide the air currents and are often mobbed by smaller birds defending their young.

Many migratory birds pass through the islands, Lapwings, Greylag Geese, Barnacle Geese, Canada Geese and Redwings are just a few of the feathered visitors.

The more elusive Corncrake can be heard throughout the night calling for his mate (Heard from our back door!), Snipe and Curlews give their haunting calls at dusk, while Cuckoos herald the first sign of spring.

Wild deer roam the moor and hundreds of toads make their way across land back to their birth place.

As the tide washes in, bringing in fish and disturbing crabs the otters swim out of their dens along the coast and inland sea lochs to catch their opportunity of food. It is that time of day that you might  see this shy animal with their young. 

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